The Manor Park Community Council (MPCC): providing recreational programs in our community for over 35 years!

We aim to build a strong and livable community by providing residents with activities that develop their bodies, minds and community spirit.

The MPCC provides recreational programs and licensed child care to the greater community.  We manage the Community Centre and take pride in our parks and sports sites.  We draw on local talent for volunteers and employees while collaborating with others wherever possible.  As co-publisher of the Manor Park Chronicle, the MPCC supports the exchange of ideas in a well-connected community.

Manor Park Community Council (MPCC)
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Recreation and Manor Park Playschool

The office for Recreation and the Manor Park Playschool is located in

Manor Park Community Centre

100 Thornwood Road
Ottawa, ON


Before- and After-School In Manor Park

The office for Before- and After-School In Manor Park is located in

Manor Park Public School

100 Braemar Street        
Ottawa, ON  K1K 3C9
Office hours are 10:30am - 6:00pm