75 Years of the Manor Park Chronicle:
Honouring History and Community Engagement

Mark Smith, Chair 
Manor Park Community Council (MPCC)

Happy New Year, Manor Park! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, and on behalf of the MPCC, I want to wish you health and happiness in 2024.

Speaking of 2024, the Manor Park Chronicle celebrates a significant milestone this year, reaching 75 years (!) of chronicling the pulse of our community. Since 1949, the Chronicle has been a source of local news and profiles of members of our community. This achievement and longevity is a testament to the dedication and effort of countless individuals over the years, as well as the partnership between co-publishers, the Manor Park Community Council (MPCC) and the Manor Park Community Association (MPCA).

While many people have had a hand in the paper’s success over the past 75 years, on behalf of the MPCC, I would like to recognize the efforts of Wes Smiderle, Editor of the Chronicle since 2022. Under Wes’ guidance, the Chronicle has evolved into a more professional publication while retaining its appeal to the paper’s diverse readership. His commitment has elevated the Chronicle to new standards without losing sight of its roots in reflecting the community's spirit.

As co-publishers, the MPCC and MPCA jointly help to shape the Chronicle's direction, including the pivotal decision in 1995 to make the Editor of the paper a paid position. This decision has made the role more attractive and has elevated the professionalism of the paper. Furthermore, both the MPCC and MPCA have representatives on the Chronicle’s advisory board to ensure the paper remains relevant and representative of community interests. To that end, I would like to thank Kailey McLachlan, member of the MPCC Board of Directors, who has most recently served as the MPCC’s representative on the advisory board.

In 2018, recognizing the value of preserving local history, the MPCC applied for, and received a summer student placement grant from the federal government to hire a student to digitize past issues of the Chronicle. The student, William Poole, located and gathered paper copies of the newspaper and had them professionally scanned into a digital format. Copies were organized by decade (going all the way back to 1949) and are available on-line from the Chronicle’s website. This initiative served to secure access to the paper's archives for future generations, ensuring that the community's legacy endures.

While those of you that live in Manor Park, or its surrounding neighbourhoods, enjoy home delivery of the Chronicle, those that live outside the delivery boundary but are still vital members of our community through their involvement in MPCC programming, can pick up a copy of the paper while visiting the community center (100 Thornwood) or 1805 Gaspe.

The Chronicle remains an essential thread weaving together Manor Park's stories and experiences. Here's to the Chronicle's remarkable 75-year journey and the ongoing commitment that keeps it as a cornerstone of our community.

Let's get acquainted!


Mark Smith  Chair
Manor Park Community Council

My name is Mark Smith and I was recently elected as the new Chair of the Manor Park Community Council’s Board of Directors.

I have served on the Board since 2019 as a Director, and most recently, as Vice-Chair. I’m excited about the opportunity to serve our community in a new capacity, and at a very exciting time for the MPCC.

Before saying much more about myself, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my friend and neighbour, Allison Seymour, for her 6 years of service as the Chair of the MPCC Board of Directors. As Chair, Allison helped lead the MPCC through the highs of opening the renovated Manor Park Community Centre (the fieldhouse) and launching Pints in the Park, the significant challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the renewal of our Strategic Plan and expansion to 1805 Gaspe. I’m happy to report that her talents and leadership skills will remain on the Board, as Allison will continue to serve as Vice-Chair.

I would also like to welcome new Director Liam White, as well as thank Mike Kremmel (Treasurer), Vessela Zaykova (Secretary), and Directors Kailey McLachlan, and Kelsey McMahon for their continued service and significant contributions.

My wife, Kristina (Kay), and I moved from Lowertown into our home on Kilbarry Crescent in the summer of 2012, along with our then 3 year old daughter, Sloane. In March of 2014 we welcomed a son, Jonah, to our family. Tragically, Jonah passed away in September 2015. We were reeling and devastated, but the love and support we got from neighbours from across this community, some of whom we had never met, was unbelievable and touching, and that will stay with us forever. A visible sign of this support are the Manor Park tennis courts, whose renewal in honour of Jonah in 2017 was spearheaded by the MPCC. A bench bearing Jonah’s name now sits courtside. We love this neighbourhood and are so thankful that we found such a beautiful and tight knit community to call home.

Before joining the Board of Directors my family and I benefited from the MPCC’s excellent and diverse programming. Sloane was in the Before and After School (BAS) program for many years, and had a great time at MPCC Summer Camps (she now volunteers at the camps for a week each summer). Rock the Block and the Annual Skating Party & Chili Cook-Off have always been not-to-be-missed events for our family. When I can find the time I try to take advantage of recreational programming, like the 4-on-4 Pond Hockey League. I’m an active person and the joke around my house is that I’ll never turn down an invitation to “sport”. I’m an avid cyclist (road, mountain, bikepacking) and skier, and play tennis, hockey, and basketball, and will try my hand at pretty much anything. As such I’m a big proponent of the MPCC’s sports and recreational programming.

While serving on the Board these past 4 years I’ve witnessed first-hand how the talented staff at the MPCC have continued to dream up exciting new social events to bring us together (Pints in the Park!), and develop innovative programming to meet the needs of the communities that we serve. Now, with our new location at 1805 Gaspe, the MPCC has the opportunity to do even more! For starters:

● In September, 1805 Gaspe will have licensed daycare for up to 54 children.
● The building offers a beautiful, newly-renovated, light-filled studio space for recreational programming and community events.
● Spaces will be available to rent for birthday parties, gatherings, meetings, etc.

I look forward to meeting you around the community!

Evolving our Strategy with Clear Purpose

Allison Seymour
Past Chair

This past Fall the MPCC Board and leadership team embarked on a refresh of the organization’s strategy with a renewed sense of purpose and increased ambitions for growth. The strategic plan is robust and reflective of an organization that has matured and progressed despite an ever complex and challenging external environment and two years of operating through a pandemic. Truly a reflection of Nietzsche’s quote “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”!  The new strategic plan will be shared at our Annual General Meeting on March 23rd and will set the course for the MPCC as we consider new growth opportunities, partnerships and service delivery models. Further, it will support the organization’s continued successful evolution as an employer of choice and thriving volunteer hub in this community. 

An extremely important element to the evolution of the MPCC strategy was an intentional review and consultation on the mission and vision of the organization to ensure it was reflective of the organization it is today and aspires to be for the future. After much thoughtful discussion and debate the team landed on the following brand promise (mission), vision and values.


Our Promise:

The Manor Park Community Council promises to create community connections, foster personal growth  and collectively share fun.

Our Vision:

To be the heartbeat of the community.

Our Values:


Additionally, the team articulated the following statement which reflects Our Approach:

As a community-based not-for-profit, we are responsible to Ottawa residents when delivering our recreational programs, licensed child care and events. This responsibility is demonstrated by meeting community needs with care and enthusiasm. Our greatest strength is our employees and volunteers, whom we treat with dignity and respect. Pride in our community spaces, parks and sports amenities is reflected in the safe and friendly spaces we create. Trust and collaboration are built through open communication. We practice fiscal responsibility.

We are excited to launch the new strategy and build on our successes, learnings and opportunities. We welcome and encourage you to visit our website often, follow us on Instagram (mpcc_official), and/ or join us at an event or for an activity to experience how we bring our purpose, vision and values to life.

The Manor Park Community Council (MPCC) endeavours to provide opportunities for members of the community and beyond to develop their minds, bodies, and community spirit.  MPCC is a not-for-profit organization that has been providing recreational programs, and now licensed child care, in Manor Park for more than 35 years.  We draw on an impressive group of local volunteers and employees and are well connected with many local businesses and organizations.  A volunteer Board of Directors guides an excellent committed staff who range from full-time employees to sport- or program-specific part-time employees.

MPCC offers a wide variety of year-round programming.  Our core programs consist of:

Before- and After-School in Manor Park

MPCC is a licensed third-party provider for the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board (OCDSB). Students from kindergarten to grade 6 enjoy games, sports and free-play, as well as specialized art activities.  Programming generally follows the OCDSB calendar. Families are served through flexible registration options and fee subsidies.


Licensed Summer Child Care

Full-time licensed child care during July and August. Making the most of abundant green space, splash pads, and play structures, we create fun! This program is fee subsidy eligible and a CWELCC participant.


Manor Park Child Care Centre

Opening planned for September 2023! Newly renovated full-time child care for toddlers and preschoolers. 

Sports and fitness

MPCC offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor sports and activities for children 4+ to adult.  Recent on-trend and innovative programs included flag rugby Sevens, and Heart Wise fitness. 


Workshops, sessional fine arts, drama, health & well-being, cooking, sewing and knitting -- the selection of arts programs satisfies every interest.

Summer Day Camps

Well-known and well-loved. Our summer day camps are very popular and are known to sell out quickly. Incredible, qualified and vaccinated staff make the magic happen. Expect fun in the large sports fields, lots of outdoor play, organized and free exploration activities, arts, crafts, music, nature, creativity and more. Click here for more information.

Special community events

MPCC organizes a number of community- and family-oriented free events of the year, including 'Pints in the Park' (July); ‘Rock the Block’ (September); ‘Skating Party & Chili Cook-off’ (February), Ottawa Marathon Hydration Station (May), and Sip 'n Shop (monthly). 

The MPCC recognizes and thanks the City of Ottawa for the mandate and Renewable Recreation Funding grant. Programs are financed on a cost recovery basis by fees, grants and donations.

Community volunteers are an essential part of a livable and vibrant community.  The Board of Directors meets every fourth Wednesday (September-June) at 7pm.   Guests are always welcome.


Lana Burpee, Executive Director  lburpee@manorpark.ca


Meagan Noonan, Manager, Child Care & Early Learning mnoonan@manorpark.ca
Amy Mombourquette Supervisor, Child Care & Early Learning amombourquette@manorpark.ca 
Julie Irwin, Supervisor, Child Care & Early Learning childcare@manorpark.ca


Bradley Ackert
Rose Aldridge
Zoe Allain
Sydney Andrews-Finn
Halime Ayata
Stephanie Becks
Kathleen Casselman
Erica Flesher
Kelsey Guindon
Jasmine Haidar
Fowzia Handule
Haruna Harris
Zakia Kaddir
Petronie Kabengele
Taynikua Jena-Louis
Kyra Jolivet
Zakia Kaddir
Eunsoo Kim
Wei Li
Alana Malanga
Ndoole Muhima
Tasmine Ngoy
Fatouma Omar
Jenny Ou
Nicole Pinks
Mehrnaz Riazi
Maite Sindayigouya
Kelly-Anne Skuce
Keisha Slemensky
Claire Thompson
Greg Toussaint
Gloria Uwamahirwa
Evan Whiteway-Willard
Kailynn Whyte


Stephanie Sears, Manager, Recreation & Community Building  ssears@manorpark.ca
Melanie Proulx, Recreation Supervisor mproulx@manorpark.ca

Day Camps

Clara Fraser-Roberts
Clara Gragg
Anika Credico
Katyln Lennox

Arts, Sports, Fitness

Rena Arigiropulos, Fitness 
Doug Coughler, Dungeons & Dragons
Donna Goodkey, Cook it Up
Clara Fraser-Roberts Sports
Cate Hachigian, Pilates
Louise Hannant, Adult Fitness, Heart Wise
Laurie Hemmings, Watercolour Painting, Drawing
Nina LePage, Adult Fitness, Yoga
Annie N'Tula Mankeni, Fitness
Chelsea Passmore, Fitness
Ashlyn Reeves, Basketball
Gloria Uwamahiwa, Soccer
Hannah Wade, Skating
Lindsay Watson, Acyrlic Painting, Drawing

Recreational After-School Program

Gail Chartier
Jade Neves
Maggie Woods



Everette Bernard
Henry Dressler


Stephanie Sears ssears@manorapark.ca

Building Maintenance

Angie Meagher



The Manor Park Community Council (MPCC)  is committed to giving people with disabilities the same oportunities to access and benefit from our services as others, and to provide services while respecting their dignity and independence. We believe in integration, and are committted to meeting the needs of people with disabilities in a timely manner b removing and preventing barrierss to accessibility and meeting our accessibility requirements under Ontario's accessibilty laws. The MPCC will provide registrants and employees with written information and other communication in an accessible format, if requested. For our policies or to tell us how we are doing:

Community Centre office: 100 Thornwood Road, Ottawa, ON   613-741-4776 x4
Before- and After-School in Manor Park office: 100 Braemar Street, Ottawa, ON K1K 3C9 613-741-4776 x1
Manor Park Child Care Centre office:  1805 Gaspe Avenue, ON  613-741-4776 x2
Mailing address: 100 Braemar Street, Ottawa, ON  K1K 3C9